Double Itinerary with the Master in Fundamental Principles of Data Science

It is possible to combine the Master in Advanced Mathematics (MAM) and the Master in Fundamental Principles of Data Science (FPDS) in 3 semesters. To do so,  the student has to be accepted in both programs separately.

A total of 108  ECTS must be fulfilled, which can be distributed as follows:

First Semester (31.5, Fall):

  • Advanced Mathematics for Scientific Challenges  MAM (6)
  • Optimization FPDS (6)
  • Presentation and Visualization FPDS (3)
  • Deep Learning FPDS (3)
  • Machine Learning FPDS (6)
  • Numerical Linear Algebra FPDS (6)
  • Advanced Methodology in Mathematics MAM (annual, 3)

Second Semester (31.5-37.5, Spring):

  • Bayesian Statistics and Probabilistic Programming FPDS (3)
  • Ethical Data Science FPDS (3)
  • Advanced Methodology in Mathematics MAM (continuation)
  • Two or three optional courses from MAM (12-18) (*)
  • Four optional courses from  FPDS (12)

Third Semester (39-45, Fall):

  • One or two optional courses from MAM (12-6) (*)
  • Agile Data Science FPDS (6)
  • Final Master Project FPDS (12) and MAM (15) (**)

(*) Either two optional courses each semester or three courses in the second semester and one in the third semester.

(**) Notice that the two Final Master Projects (FMP), one for each Master,  should be two different documents. That said, we consider two different options. Either the two projects are “totally independent” and so each one will be defended in different committees (corresponding to each program), or the projects might share a common part plus differentiated specific chapter(s) corresponding to the aims of each master. In this case the coordination of the FMPs of the two masters might consider a unique committee which will elaborate two different and independent resolutions.