Double Itinerary with the Master in Fundamental Principles of Data Science

It is possible to combine both Master’s in Mathematics and the one in Fundamental Principles of Data Science in 3 semesters. To do so,  the student has to be accepted in both programs separately. Then, tthe 60 ECTS of the other master plus the 3 mandatory courses and 3 optional courses from the Master in Advanced Mathematics must be completed. In total, 93 or 96 ECTS must be fulfilled, which can be distributed as follows:

First Semester (31.5 – Fall):

–          A mandatory or optional course from the MAM (6)

–          Optimization (6)

–          Bayesian Statistics and Probabilistic Programming (6)

–          Machine Learning (6)

–          Numerical Linear Algebra (6)

–          Advanced Methodology in Mathematics (3 annual)


Second Semester (31.5):

–          Presentation and Visualization (3)

–          Advanced Methodology in Mathematics (continuation)

–          Two optional courses from MAM(12)

–          Five optional course from  MFPDS (15)


Third Semester (30 o 33):

–          A mandatory course from MAM (6)

–          An optional or the other mandatory course from MAM (6)

–          Final Master Project MFPDS (12)  or MAM (15)

–          Agile Data Science (6)