Main goals and skills

The main goal of the master’s degree in Advanced Mathematics is to provide specialized, high-quality education in different areas of knowledge in mathematics and its applications. The master’s degree program has also been designed to provide students with the tools and methods needed to perform high-level scientific or professional tasks. These include expertise in and the application of advanced computing methods, the capacity to work in multidisciplinary environments and the capacity to transmit advanced mathematical knowledge.

The general skills that participants will acquire consist of the ability to apply the knowledge and abilities acquired over the course of the program, the capacity to effectively manage time and available resources, the capacity to access specialized bibliographic data bases using new technologies, the ability to gather information required to approach and synthesize a problem and the capacity to work in a team.

The specific skills that participants will acquire include the ability to understand the concepts and rigorous proofs of fundamental theorems of both general and specific areas of mathematics, the capacity to apply the results and techniques learned to solve complex problems in some areas of mathematics, in academic or professional contexts, the capacity to choose and use the most suitable computer tools to approach math-related problems, and the capacity to design, develop and implement efficient computer programs to approach problems related to mathematics.