Presentation and information

Objectives and general structure of the program

The PhD in Mathematics from the University of Barcelona includes an organized set of activities that lead to obtaining advanced training and completion of a doctoral thesis in one of the research program. For each child process is supervised by a supervisor who supports training activities and conducts research.

The program, which is adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) from the academic year 2006-2007, has obtained positive verification of the Universities Council in 2014 and precedes Doctoral Program in Mathematics University of Barcelona and Program Pure and Applied Logic.

Every academic year there are two periods for the admission to the program: October and February. The precise time setting the calendar year.

It is part of the Official Postgraduate Program in Mathematics and Computre Science from the University of Barcelona, coordinated by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. The departments that participate are the department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the department of  Logic and Statistics and Department of Logic, History and Philosophy of Science. The program brings together eight research lines with 66 potential supervisors. This provides a significant  interdisciplinary program for students, and the opportunity to obtain different types of research grants (FPU, FPI, FI, APIF …).

Students in the program benefit from all the advantages of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, with an excellent location in the center of Barcelona and one of the best libraries specialized in Mathematics in Spain, with a large collection of historic books and magazines. The Library provides access to nearly all electronic journals in Mathematics and related areas. Students have access to a faculty workroom with exclusive use of computers connected to the network, printer and WiFi. The Faculty also has a grants program to support training activities of their graduate students.

The program is regulated by Royal Decree 99/2011 and Regulations of the University of Barcelona on doctoral studies. The Academic Committee of the doctoral program consists representatives of all the research involved and it  is responsible for its operation.

PhD studies

The doctoral studies focus on the completion of the doctoral thesis in one of the research program under the direction of one or more co-directors from among the professors associated with the research. Exceptionally, may also be directors or co-directors doctors outside the program.

To be a student of the program will follow the admission process. In any case, it is an essential requirement to have a degree and a master’s degree or equivalent official.

Students must complete each academic training, and regular attendance in seminars, symposia and conferences, taking courses to graduate from a specialized school (summer school …) follow official masters courses related the program … these activities will be accredited and approved by the thesis director at the annual monitoring report.

Once admitted to doctoral studies, students must submit their research plan before the end of their first academic year tuition.

The duration of the PhD is dedicated full time to a maximum of three years from the admission to the program until the application for deposit of the thesis. If this deadline is not filed the application for the deposit of the thesis, the Academic Committee of the doctoral program may authorize an extension for one year only, exceptionally, be extended one additional year.

Each academic year students have accepted the thesis must submit an annual report on its monitoring activities during the year. The report must have the approval of the director or co-director of thesis and its favorable assessment is a prerequisite for registration the following year.

Students must sign a commitment to the director or co-directors of the thesis is to establish in particular the full-time PhD student (full-time or part-time) and dedication by the director or co-directors.

Students must sign a registration for each academic thesis supervision concept. This registration implies the right to academic supervision described above, the use of resources for the development of their work and the rights provided for by the regulations for PhD students, among other rights of representation and UB card.