General information

The PhD Program in Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Barcelona Graduate School (EDUB) is designed to lead to a high level education and the completion of a doctoral dissertation in one of the main research areas of the program. Each student has a supervisor who guarantees the training activities and the quality of the research.

The program, which has been adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) since the academic year 2006-2007, has obtained a positive verification from the Spanish Council of Universities in 2014 and is the continuation of the previous PhD Programs in Mathematics and Pure and Applied Logic.

It is part of the Official Post-Graduate Program in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Barcelona, coordinated by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, and also the Department of Philosophy  in the Faculty of Philosophy participate in all the formative activities in the graduate studies (both departments also collaborate in the PhD Program of History of Science ). The Program groups together 8 lines of research, with a total of 70 possible advisers which provide an important interdisciplinary potential for the graduate students as well as the possibility to enjoy a wide diversity of fellowships (FPU, FPI, FI, APIF…).

The length of the doctoral studies, with a full time commitment, is a maximum of three years, starting from the admission, until the deposit request of the thesis. The Academic Commission of the program may authorize an extension (Català) for a further year that, exceptionally, may be extended by an additional year (català).

Each academic course has two admission periods: October and February. The exact times are on the official annual calendar.

Graduate students will benefit from all the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science facilities, with an excellent location in downtown Barcelona and one of the best specialized Mathematics Library in Spain, with an important historical record of books and journals. The Library provides electronic access to all the international journals of Mathematics and related subjects. There is also a workroom with printing and WiFi connections. The Faculty also offers some traveling grants for research stays.

The program is regulated by Royal Decree 99/2011 and the General Regulations of the University of Barcelona on Graduate Studies. Evaluations and authorizations for PhD defenses are handled by the Academic Commission of the program, which is chaired by the coordinator of the program.