Quality policy and objectives

The Board of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics wants to reaffirm its commitment to the quality of the training activities carried out by the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics.
For the Board of the Faculty, quality is a strategic factor to ensure that students acquire the competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) that correspond to the bachelor’s, master’s, postgraduate and doctoral degrees, which will have to be recognized within the world labor and society in general.

The Board of the Faculty undertakes to use the technical, economic and human resources available to it to comply with legal regulations and the requirements established to favor full adaptation in the European Higher Education Area and to achieve quality objectives from the center.

The commitment to the quality of the training program is specified in the following general objectives:

  • Provide adequate training to the needs and expectations of students and society in general through an academic offer of excellence.
  • Promote continuous improvement in training and management processes.
  • Promote continuous and adequate training for all staff to successfully perform their activities.
  • Establish a system of action and documentation of the processes involved in the continuous improvement cycle, in accordance with the UB’s internal quality assurance system (SAIQU).
  • Establish mechanisms for both monitoring and control – through a set of indicators – and for periodic review of the processes, and make the necessary improvement proposals.
  • Ensure the dissemination to all center staff of this quality public policy and promote collaboration.
  • The Board of the Faculty entrusts the Quality Commission of the center to be the guarantor of compliance with the internal quality assurance system.

It is the will of the Board of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics to periodically review the quality policy of the center with the aim of maintaining continuous adaptation to changing needs.
Date of approval by the Faculty Board: December 9, 2009

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