Adhering to single evaluation

Procedure for adhering to single evaluation in the Mathematics and Computer Science degrees.

According to the article 12.1 of the regulations of the evaluation and the grading of the teachings, in case that a student manifests that they cannot comply with the requirements of a continuous evaluation, they will have the right to single evaluation.

To adhere to single evaluation, the student will have to fill up the following form:

Single Evaluation Form

We communicate that the deadlines, fixed by the Academic Comission of the Faculty, for the 2018/19 year, and for all the teachings done in the Faculty are:

  • Fall semester: October 25 – November 26, 2021
  • Spring semester: March 28- May 6, 2022

In the case that a student, for an exceptional grave cause, wants to adhere to single evaluation after the established deadlines, they will have to show documentation that justifies that they cannot comply with the requirements of continuous evaluation and should address their instance to the corresponding chief of studies, who will make a first assessment of the case.