Workshop for Marie Curie applicants

How to successfully write an Individual Marie Curie Fellowship proposal
in Mathematics and Computer Science

11th – 12th of May 2022, Facultat de Matemàtiques i Informàtica

The workshop will be set-up in both face-to-face and virtual modes, thus providing a better international reach-out. The aim of the activity is to attract young postdoctoral talents in the fields, but also to upgrade the knowledge of potential supervisors at the Department regarding the new insights of the Individual “Marie Curie” Fellowship financed by HORIZON EUROPE call. The planned opening date of the actual call is mid-April and the deadline for submission is mid-September 2022.

The program is composed of practical material lead by an IF MSCA Grant holder, experienced IF MSCA supervisor in the field and a Vice-Chair/evaluator of the proposal grants.


Interested participants should apply before 11th April 2022.

Availability: 10 face-to-face attendees and 12 virtual attendees.

Important: Due to new regulations of the IF MSCA grants, the obtention date of the successful applicants’ PhD should not exceed 8 years by the closing date of the IF MSCA call (14/09/2022).

Application for external (incoming) candidates:
1) Please fill this form by 11th April 2022.
2) Send your CV (max 2 pages in pdf) and the list of the most recent selected publications (pdf) at stating in the subject: “IF MSCA_Workshop application”.

Application for internal (outgoing) candidates:
Please fill this form by 11th April 2022.

The final selection of the applicants will be communicated to all the applicants (successful or not) by 20th of April 2022. We will offer three (3) travel and accommodation grants for applicants residing outside of Spain.


11th of May – Presentations and technical elements of the call
– Welcome by the Head of the Department Dr. Laura Costa and the Vicedean of Research Dr. Joana Cirici.
– Presenting the form of the Standard (EF) and Global (GF) Fellowship; the importance of each criterion, new insights of the call and process evaluation explanation (by Dr. Ivana Diaz).
– Presenting the role of the supervisor and of the administrative support of the Department (by Dr. Ivana Diaz)
– Presentation of a successful funded IF MSCA proposal at the Department (by Dr. Eduardo Garcia Juarez) in Mathematics (2021).
– Presentation of IF MSCA by supervisor Dr. Javier Gómez Serrano (adapted to the potential supervisors).
– Advice by the IF MSCA evaluator
– Q and A session

12th of May – Practical workshop
– How to properly write your CV – exercise of 20 minutes for all the attendees
– Cross-cutting issue of the call – how to properly present them
– How to form a Gantt chart of the activities
– Revision of the core body of the proposal
– Project Management of the proposal
– Q and A session