Governing bodies

Department Council

The Department Council is the governing board with the highest representation of the department. The members of the Department Council include faculty members, representatives from groups involved in teaching and management of the department, and student members.

The Department Council sets and maintains the department regulations, modifies the research areas, sets the annual activity and teaching plans, and suggests changes in the membership of faculty and staff management.

Permanent Board

The Permanent Board oversees the department. The members of the Permanent Board are:

  • The head of the department and team:
    • Laura Costa Farràs (head of the department and of the permanent board)
    • Mireia Ribera Turró
    • Santi Seguí Mesquida
    • Martí Lahoz Vilalta
  • Representatives of permanent faculty members:
    • Carlos A. d’Andrea
    • Carme Cascante Canut
    • Joan Carles Naranjo del Val
    • Sergio Escalera Guerrero
    • Joan Gispert Brasó
    • Àngel Jorba Monte
    • David Màrquez Carreras
  • Representative of other faculty members:
    • Xavier Ros Oton
  • Representative of predoctoral researchers:
    • Liena Colarte
  • Representative of PAS:
    • M. Jesús Ortigosa Labeaga

Faculty Board

The Faculty Board puts forwards modifications in the membership of the faculty and establishes the members of those commissions appointed to hire faculty members. The members of the Faculty Board are:

  • The Head of the Department:
    • Laura Costa Farràs
  • The Dean of the Faculty:
    • Oriol Pujol Vila
  • Representatives of permanent faculty members:
    • Lluís Dieulefait
    • Carme Cascante Canut
    • Sergio Escalera Guerrero
    • Joan Gispert Braso
    • Núria Fagella Rabionet
    • José Manuel Corcuera Valverde
    • Ignasi Mundet Riera
  • Representatives of the PAS:
    • M. Carmen Vázquez Bao
    • M. Jesús Ortigosa Labeaga