Regarding Internships

General information Regarding Internships


They are part of the degrees’ curricula and are included in the academic register.


Each student can obtain up to 12 credits by doing internships.


For each 240 hours, 6 elective credits are obtained. To that effect, after signing the agreement with the Employer, the student must enrol in one of the following subjects:

  • Pràctiques en empresa I, for the first 240 hours of internship.
  • Pràctiques en empresa II, for the next 240 hours of internship.
  • Pràctiques en empresa III (Computer Engineering degree only), for 480 hour agreements.


This has to be done during the enrolment period corresponding to the semester in which the internship is finished:

– from October 14th to November 16th, to assess the subject in February,

– from February 18th to May 11th to assess the subject in June.


To properly do the selected Pràctiques en empresa subject, it is required to check its Campus Virtual. It contains the steps to follow and needed documentation to make the self-report, the internship dossier and report. These have to be filled out when finishing the internship.


In the case of undertaking internship hours during the summer, these are stored and then added to the hours done during the academic year.


  • They are neither part of the curriculum neither included in the academic register.
  • Although the bachelor’s degree students should have earned at least half of the degree’s credits, in the case of noncurricular internships the general rule of the UB allows for exceptions (clàusula addicional primera).
  • The maximum for an academic year is of 750 hours. This can be extended to a total of 900, provided the degree’s Consell d’Estudis or the Master’s degree Coordination board approval is granted.



Degree students must have completed at least half of their degree’s credits and must be enroled in the Faculty. In the case of double itineraries the number of credits earned must be 180. 

Master’s degree students must have earned 15 credits and must be enroled in the Faculty.




Students younger than 28 already have a compulsory insurance included in the payment of the tuition fees. Older students must pay for optional insurance during registration, for about 8€/semester.




– The maximum is of 5 hours in lesson period and 8 in non-lesson period.

– The completion of the internships follows the academic year, from September 15th to next year’s September 14th. The formative project ends on September 14th.




– Students must receive a minimum gross import of 8€ per hour.

– The economic compensation to the Faculty is handled via invoice. Its import is of 10% + VAT of the total remuneration of the student and will not be less than 100€ nor greater than 500€.

– The Employer pays directly to the student the remuneration agreed on in the formative project.

– No new agreement will be established with any Employers that have pending invoices.




Employers have the obligation to include in the Social Security regime all students with which an agreement is formalized since July 1st 2013.

The curricular internships have a subsidy of 100% since August 1st 2014.




Faculty agreement:

Of the UB:



RD 1493/2011, of October 24th, regulating the terms and conditions of inclusion in the Social Security General Regime for persons participating in formative programmes.

RD-LEY 8/2014, of July 14th, approving urgent measures for the growth, competitiveness and efficiency. See the 25th additional disposition relative to the subsidies in social security contributions for curricular external internships of university students and professional formation.


Administrative management of internships

Oficina de Pràctiques de la Secretaria d’Estudiants I Docència:

Phone 93 402 09 71

Assessment of curricular internships

– Coordinating teaching staff of curricular internships:

Enginyeria Informàtica – Carlos Borrego

Matemàtiques – Jordi Marzo


Before starting the internship:

  • Work plan of the curricular (Download model) / non curricular internship (Download model).
    It must be completed by the Employer before processing the agreement, and sent to the Oficina de Pràctiques.
  • The curricular application (Download document/ non curricular application (Download document).
    It must be completed and signed by the student and presented to the Oficina de Pràctiques.
  • The Framework Agreement (Download document).
    It must be completed and processed by the Oficina de Pràctiques, and signed by the Employer and the Faculty.
    It has duration of 4 years, extendable to 4 additional years.
  • The Formative Project (Download document).
    It must be completed and processed by the Oficina de Pràctiques, and signed by the Employer, the Faculty and the Student.

In case of resignation during internships:

  • Resignation/rescission form (Download model).
    It must be completed by the student/Employer and signed by both.

The specific documentation for non curricular internships can be found at the Campus Virtual of the Pràctiques en empresa subject: self-report, internship dossier and employer’s report of the internship.

  • El projecte formatiu.  


L’ha d’omplir i tramitar l’Oficina de Pràctiques i l’ha de signar l’Empresa, la Facultat i l’alumnat.

En cas de renúncia durant les pràctiques:


  • L’imprès de renúncia/rescissió.


L’ha d’omplir l’alumnat/l’Empresa i l’han de signar ambdós.


La documentació específica per a pràctiques curriculars es troba en el campus virtual de l’assignatura matriculada de Pràctiques en empresa: autoinforme, memòria i informe de pràctiques de l’Empresa.




  1. The Employer signs up to the software GIPE if not already registered, and publishes an internship offer in the same application:
  2. When the Employer finds an interested student, they process to the Oficina de Pràctiques the form of the work plan curricular or non curricular.



  1. The Student contacts with an Employer to do an internship. These can be found by consulting the published offers in GIPE, or by other means.
  2. When accessing GIPE, the proper call must be selected. By default, the current academic year is selected. Enter by clicking PREINSCRIPCIÓ.
  3. The Student completes their resume/CV in GIPE and chooses the desired internships from the published offers. Each Employer is notified about the students choosing their offers and can see their CVs.
  4. When there is an agreement between an Employer and a Student to start an internship, the Student processes the Application form (curricular or non curricular) to the Oficina de Pràctiques.




  1. Once the Application by the student and the work plan by the Employer are received, the Oficina de Pràctiques processes the Framework Agreement and the Formative Project in PDF and sends them for the Employer to sign.
  2. Once those are signed by the Employer, Faculty and Student, the internship can begin, taking account of the conditions and project agreed upon.




  1. The student registers the elective subject of Pràctiques en Empresa for the semester in which it has been agreed to its completion. Thus, they can be assessed for the subject at the end of the registered term: early February or July.
  2. Once the internship has finished, the student processes by means of the Campus Virtual the self-report and internship dossier.
  3. The Employer sends the Oficina de Pràctiques their report, elaborated by the mentoring personal.
  4. At the end of the semester, the coordinating teaching staff assesses the internship, taking into account the reports and the dossier, and grades them in the subject record so that they show up in the student’s record.



The student presents the resignation/rescission form signed by the Employer and the student to the Oficina de Pràctiques.