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The UB and its surroundings

The UB is an urban, open and cosmopolitan university like the city of Barcelona, ​​where its diverse campuses are distributed. This means that it acts in the urban environment as a dynamic of its environment, and that it has become a center of cultural activity in the broadest sense.

The University unfolds its campus throughout the urban plot and thus fills in a relationship of interdependence between the institution and the city. This relationship provides an atmosphere of human and cultural animation in certain areas of the city and allows members of the university community to enjoy the services offered by both the city and the University itself.

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Culture Cultural activities occupy a very important place in the university world and address not only the university community, but also society in general.

Annually, the UB organizes a series of concerts, an opera representation, a film series and a set of exhibitions to contribute to the dissemination of the cultural and heritage wealth of the University.

The UB has theater groups, musical groups and a quality amateur symphony orchestra. Most members are university students who come from the multiple lessons taught at the University.

The Universitat de Barcelona Orchestra offers the possibility of making symphonic music in the UB environment, in a lively and rigorous way, and forming part of a group that understands the University as a cultural entity in the broadest sense.

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Student advocacy

The UB has always given utmost relevance to solidarity and, for this reason, it has worked in two broad areas: cooperation for development and social action. More than 200 people from our university community work on various projects, initiatives and actions of solidarity.

The Solidaridad UB Foundation promotes the values ​​of solidarity from the University and promotes social participation, volunteering, actions in defense of peace, human rights and cooperation for sustainable development. Likewise, this Foundation looks for the lace of the University in the world of the international cooperation with the intention to put the potential of resources that the University offers to the service of the agents of the cooperation.

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At the University of Barcelona you can find the accommodation that best suits your needs: own and associated colleges, university residences and organizations that facilitate the search for accommodation, such as the Barcelona Center Universitari (BCU) and the Social Work of CatalunyaCaixa, which offers the program Viure i Conviure.

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