Frequently asked questions


1. What to do if the student does not know their UB mail address?

To find out which is their UB mail address, go to MonUB and then to My UB. At the e-mail site, click Re-direction and Configuration of the mail (see image). Once there, go to the options for e-mail configuration. The address is there.

2. What to do if the student does not know which is their ID for accessing MonUB?

You have to fill up the form to obtain the ID and reset the password.


3. What to do if the professor does not know their UB mail address? 

If the professor does not know their mail ub address, they have to enter the PDI space and access their UB mail. Inside the mail, go to mail configuration options. There is the address.

4. What is the procedure for printing?

To print a docuemnt, the student has to follow these steps:
1. The students bring the sheets of paper to the interns in the C room.

2. They send a print order.
3. They pick up the printed files.

5. What to do if you cannot see the “share” part on Linux?

The student has to contact their tutor and file an inicidence. In the case that the share folder is not mounted, does not exist or you cannot access it, DO NOT GENERATE IT! Speak to the room’s interns or email You did not access the server correctly and CANNOT SAVE ANY DOCUMENT.

6. For how long is data in the local hard drive of the computer accessible, for Linux?

Every night all local data of every computer in every room is deleted.

7. What to do if a computer of the classroom does not work?

At every table of the professor in the classrooms there is an incidences sheet where the professor that teaches in the classroom will write down the incidences occurred during their class. Cooperation from the teachers is important to help us mantain and repair the classrooms.

8. How do you restore the configuration file?

The file ~/share_config.tgz will allow you to recover the folder ~/share/config with the default values. You have to run: ‘tar xzf ~/share_config.tgz -C ~/share’