Optional Credits and Credits Recognition

Credits recognition

Credits recognition from ADE to Mathematics

ADE Mathematics

60 credits Basic Training ADE

(all except: Mathematics I, Mathematics II, Statistics I, Statistics II)

Physics (FB)
Operational Research Graphs (OB)
Theory of Games for Business Modelling (OB)
History of Economy History of Mathematics (OB)
Introduction to Economics Optional 1 mention Economics (OTM)
Microeconomics Optional 2 mention Economics (OTM)
Macroeconomics Optional 3 mention Economics (OTM)
Econometrics of the Company Optional 4 mention Economics (OTM)
Industrial Organization Optional 5 mention Economics (OTM)
Forecast Methods Optional 6 mention Economics (OTM)
Practices External I Practices in Companies I (OTM)

Credits recognition from Mathematics to ADE

Mathematics ADE

Matrices and Vectors

Introduction to Differential Calculus
Differential Calculus of Several Variables

Mathematics I (FB)

Introduction to integral Calculus

Differential Equations

Mathematics II (FB)
Data Analysis and Introduction to Probability
Statistics I (FB)
Statistics II (FB)
Modelling Theory of Games for Business (OT)
Graphs Operational Research  (OT)
Practices in Companies I Practices External I (OT)



  1. The recognition of credits must be requested from each faculty’s secretary. They can be requested at any time, but it is not necessary to ask for it each course.
  2. However, in order to be entitled to the extra-ordinary examinations (article 15.3 of the corresponding regulations), you must request recognition when you finish the penultimate course of the itinerary.
  3. Check this link for the application deadlines and the dates of the calls, in case of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.