Simultaneous Degree of Mathematics and Physics


The University of Barcelona, from the faculties of Mathematics and Physics, has organized, since the year 2009-10, a specific itinerary that allows studying the Degrees of Mathematics and Physics simultaneously.

Admission to this double degree is obtained, exclusively, by university preregistration. There are 20 seats.

The basic features of this double itinerary are:

  1. Two degree titulations are obtained, with the respective minors:
    • Physics Degree, with intensification in Fundamental Physics and Minor in Mathematics.
    • Mathematics Degree, with Minor in Physics.
  2. From the 2020-2021 academic year, a total of 330 ECTS credits must be taken and passed, much less than the 480 required to do the two separate degrees.
  3. The total intended duration of the studies is 10 semesters (depending on the End-of-Degree project date), much less than the 16 semesters studying both degrees separately.
  4. The double itinerary consists in a scheduling of the subjects of both studies. The faculty has setteled equivalence tables to even out subjects of each major.
  5. Every semester has to combine teaching of both majors. The Mathematics subjects are taught in the morning; and the Physics’, in the afternoon.
  6. A double itinerary student is, in fact, student of both faculties, and has to handle every administrative matter in the coordinating center: Mathematics and Computes Science


Distribució dels crèdits

Distribució dels crèdits a superar, segons el tipus d’assignatura, és la següent:



Acronym  ECTS credits
Basic Training of the Mathematics Degree FB 36
Compulsary credits of the Mathematics Degree OB 108
Basic Training of the Physics Degree FB 30
Compulsary credits of the Physics Degree OB 78
Optative Training in Mention in Fundamental Phyiscs and Minor in Mathematics of the Degree in Physics OTM 48
Optative Subject of Mathematics OT 6
Optative Subject of Physics OT 6
End-of-Degree Projects TR 18 + 6


You can find the regulation of the UB for simultaneous studies here:

Look up the specific information of each of the two studies: