Extraordinary Doctorate Awards


Doctoral student name Thesis title Academic course
ALEJANDRO POVEDA RUZAFA Contributions to the theory of large cardinals through the method of Forcing 2020-2021
MARC BOLAÑOS SOLA Deep Multimodal Learning for egocentirc story telling and food analysis 2020-2021
CLAPÉS SINTES, ALBERT Learning to recognize human actions: from hand-crafted to deep-learning based visual representations 2018-2019
CID RUIZ, YAIRON Blow-up algebras in Algebra, Geometry and Combinatorics 2018-2019
NARVÁEZ CLAUSS, MARTA Quantitative equidistribution of Galois orbits of points of small height on the algebraic torus 2015-2016
DOMINGO SALAZAR, CARLOS Endpoint estimates via extrapolation theory 2015-2016
BAUTISTA MARTÍN, MIGUEL ÁNGEL Learning error-correcting representations for multi-class problems 2015-2016
FERNÁNDEZ BOIX, ALBERTO Contributions to the study of Cartier algebras and local cohomology 2014-2015
CANADELL CANO, MARTA Computation of normally hyperbolic invariant manifolds 2013-2014
BARROSO FREITAS, NUNO RICARDO Some generalized Fermat-type equations via ℚ-curves and modularity 2012-2013
CIRICI NÚÑEZ, JOANA Homotopical aspects of mixed Hodge theory 2011-2012
PONS LLOPIS, JOAN Ulrich bundles and varieties of wild representation type 2010-2011
FIGUERAS ROMERO, JORDI LLUÍS Fiberwise hyperbolic invariant tori in quasiperiodically forced skew product systems 2010-2011
VIEIRO YANES, ARTURO Efecte de pertorbacions feblement dissipatives sobre els sistemes Hamiltonians i les transformacions simplèctiques 2009-2010
MARZO SÁNCHEZ, JORDI Sampling sequences in spaces of bandlimited functions in several variables 2007-2008
SIMÓN ESTRADA, SERGI On the meromorphic non-integrability of some problems in celestial mechanics 2006-2007
PUIG SADURNÍ, JOAQUIM Reducibility of quasi-periodic skew-products and the spectra of Schrödinger operators 2003-2004