International Doctorate Certification

The international doctorate certification can be added to the front of the doctoral degree


  • Stay of research

The doctoral student has completed a minimum stay of three months outside Spain at a higher education institution or prestigious research centre, where they have undertaken training or research activities linked to their research plan. The stay and the activities, which must first be authorized by the academic committee of the doctoral programme, must be accredited by a certificate issued by the head of the research group at the host institution. This information must be included in the doctoral student’s record of activities

  • Doctoral Thesis

Part of the doctoral thesis – at least the abstract and the conclusions – has been written and presented in one of the customary languages for scientific communication in the respective field of knowledge, which may not be one of the official or co-official languages of Spain. This rule does not apply to stays in, reports issued in or experts from Spanish-speaking or Catalan-speaking countries or regions. Satisfaction of this requirement is certified by the chair of the thesis examination panel.

  • Favourably reports of experts 
At least two expert PhD holders affiliated to a higher education institution or research institute outside Spain have reported on the thesis. In order to satisfy this requirement, the thesis must be favourably assessed by two experts prior to the defence.
  • Tribunal Avaluador

At least one expert affiliated to a higher education institution or research institute outside Spain, who must hold a PhD and may not be the supervisor of the stay referred to in Paragraph (a), has been a member of the thesis examination panel. To meet this requirement, none of the people who have certified the research stays or activities carried out by the doctoral student can be a member of the examination panel, in accordance with Paragraph (a).


The thesis defence must take place at the University of Barcelona or, in the case of joint doctoral programmes, at any of the participating universities or as provided for in the respective collaboration agreements.


Application form

  • Deadline for submitting
Must be submitted no more than three months after the date of the thesis defence and before requesting the issue of the doctoral degree certificate.
  • Documentation
  • Informes favorables de dos experts doctors que pertanyin a alguna institució d’educació superior o institut de recerca no espanyol
  • Certificat/s expedit pel responsable del grup de recerca o de l’organisme on s’ha fet l’estada de recerca
  • DNI
  • Submit to
General Registry of the UB, addressed to the Secretary’s Office or generic instance 
  • Deciding body
Academic committee of the doctoral programme.