Admission / Access

Admission to the Ph.D. Studies

The Commission for Graduate Studies will assess the PhD candidate’s application to ensure sufficient preparation to successfully complete a PhD thesis in one of the research programs. This evaluation will always be favorable in the case of students who have obtained a research master’s degree specializing in some of the official masters that are associated, or partially associated, to the program. Moreover, the research area where the student applies should also be correlated to the candidate’s master studies. If the student is admitted, the Commission will assign the candidate one or more thesis advisors.

The application for access and admission will be formalized through an online webform at the dates determined by the program’s calendar. In addition, the original and a copy of the degree giving access to the program are also required, as well as certificates of study which include the subjects studied and the corresponding scores. In the case of studies of the University of Barcelona, only the certificates of study are necessary. Students from foreign countries will have to present the documents translated to Catalan or Spanish.

The application form will be for one of the lines of research and should be supported by a tutor associated with it. Furthermore, it will include the proposal of one or more of the thesis co-directors, of which at least one should be linked to the research line. All the co-directors must hold a doctorate degree. Exceptionally, one or more co-directors external to the program can be proposed. The Commission shall ensure for any external directors or co-directors to meet the quality requirements necessary to be the advisors of a PhD dissertation. If the director or co-directors are all external to the program, the Commission will assign a professor, from those associated with the research line, as an academic tutor.

The Commission for Graduate Studies will evaluate the documentation submitted. The resolution will be notified to the student and, if it is positive, to the director or co-directors of the thesis, as well as the Secretary of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Once the candidates have been admitted, they will have to access again the online webform to register the application (an email with further instructions will be sent to help with the process). In case of foreign students, they will have to pay the corresponding tuition (218.15 € for the academic year 2018-2019).

Finally, students must sign an agreement document with their director or co-directors, according to the model established by the University of Barcelona, establishing the full-time, or part-time, dedication and the duties of the director or co-directors. This document will be submitted during the first enrollment period and will be part of the student’s record.

Admitted students who have not yet defended their thesis will have to formalize a yearly enrolment for the academic tutelage of their thesis in the periods set by the University of Barcelona. The corresponding fee, conditions, and procedures are determined by the economic and academic regulations of the University.

For the purposes of academic tutoring, students admitted in the research period of the program are administratively linked to the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Access conditions

In general, it is required, for access to an official doctoral program, to be in possession of an official Spanish degree, or equivalent, and a master’s degree and being in possession of a minimum of 300 ECTS credits between the degree and master.

Also, those found in any of these cases can access:

  1. Being in possession of an official Spanish university degree, or another country member of the EHEA, which enables access to master in accordance with the provisions of Article 16 ‘ Royal Decree 1393/2007 of 29 October and have completed a minimum of 300 credits in all official university studies, of which at least 60 must be at master level.
  2. Being in possession of an official Spanish graduate, the length of which, in accordance with the rules of Community law, is at least 300 credits. These graduates must take mandatory additional training except that the curriculum for the degree credits includes research training equivalent in educational value to the research credits from Master studies.
  3. Graduates who, after obtaining a place in training in the corresponding test access to specialized health training sites, have completed at least two years with a positive evaluation of a training program to obtain some official specialty in health sciences.
  4. Being in possession of a diploma obtained in accordance with foreign education systems without official approval, after which the University has proven that it certifies a level equivalent to that of the official Spanish Masters and empowers the issuing country for access to doctoral studies.
  5. To hold another Spanish title of doctor obtained in accordance with previous university rules.
  6. Lawyers, architects, and engineers who have obtained sufficient research in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 778/1998 of April the 30th, or in accordance with the provisions of RD 185/1985 of January the 23rd.

Documents required (original and copy):

Students with Spanish degree

Case a.

  •  DNI, passport or EU Community ID.
  •  Qualification of degree, Bachelor’s degree, certification course, technical engineer, engineer, architect or technical architect.
  • Master’s official qualification (only in the case of having a master’s degree) and academic certification of the master studies attained.
  • Should have completed other university master’s degree, the corresponding academic certifications.

Case e.

  • DNI card, passport or EU Community ID.
  • Ph.D. qualification.

Case f.

  • DNI card, passport or EU Community ID.
  • Academic certificate for the doctoral program completed including the date of obtaining investigation sufficiency.
  • If the investigation sufficiency has been obtained in a UB program, a certificate issued by the Secretariat of Students and Teaching responsible for the academic record specifying that the payment of the tuitions and thesis tutoring is up to date.

Students with foreign degrees

Case d.

  • ID card, passport or EU Community.
  • Degree certificate.
  • Academic certification for the degree studies, which specifies their duration in academic courses and the list of subjects studied, providing the class load and the corresponding score (indicating the rating system)
  • Master’s degree certificate.
  • Academic certification for the master studies, which specifies their duration in academic courses and the list of subjects studied, providing the class load and the corresponding score (indicating the rating system)
  • Proof of payment of the appropriate fee specified in the Prices Decree of the Government of Catalonia for each academic year (the fee payment must be made by the interested party in the secretariat of students and teaching of the center where the application is submitted).

Requirements papers issued abroad