Monitoring and yearly evaluation of the Research plan

From the next academic year in which they have been accepted, the academic committee must evaluate, each academic year, the progress made in the Research Plan and the activities document. The result of the evaluation shall be appropriately motivated and has to be notified to the candidate and director(s) of the thesis, to the tutor (if there is one) and the Director of the Doctorate School. Notification of the positive evaluation to the candidate is done electronically.

Positive evaluation is an essential requirement for continuing in the program. A negative assessment means that the student must develop a new research plan, to be submitted to the Academic Committee within a maximum of six months, counting from the communication of negative evaluation. If the Academic Commission does not accept the new Research Plan, the candidate will have to leave the doctorate program definitively.

The deadline for submitting applications for monitoring and evaluating annual Research Plan is set on the doctoral procedures calendar.

The application of monitoring and evaluation should be sent to the following e-mail address: or delivered to the Secretariat for Students and Teaching at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

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