Process for deposit and defense of doctoral thesis

Regulations and recommendations:


  • Having registered the thesis project.
  • Having obtained two consecutive positive reports from annual monitoring and evaluation of the research plan.
  • Being up to date on the payment of the doctorate tuition since the doctoral studies began.

What to do:

  1. Fill out the application form for the authorization of the thesis deposit (Form 1). The application is appended by the following documents:
    • Reports from the director(s) of the thesis and the tutor, on the authorization of the deposit (Form 2).
    • The document with the activities conducted by the doctoral student (monitoring reports) .
    • A bound copy of the thesis signed by the doctoral student. The cover or the first page should contain at least the following information: name of the doctoral program, title of the thesis, name, and surname(s) of the candidate, the director(s) and tutor, if there’s any. The thesis must include a general introduction, methodology, results and argumentative development, the final conclusions, and bibliography. Specific Committees of Defense of the thesis may establish other requirements of format and content depending on the scope of the thesis. In case of submitting the thesis as a compendium of publications or theses under processes of protection or technology transfer or knowledge, the provisions of Article 37 of the Regulations have to be taken into account.
    • A digital copy of the thesis and the curriculum in pdf format.
    • The completed form with the necessary data on the thesis for publication later in the institutional repository and the UB TDX Theses Repository (Form 3) (Form 4), and the completed form with the necessary data for the TESEO database using the standard (Form 5). TESEO sheet must include at least the candidate’s personal information, the summary of the thesis and the UNESCO codes.
    • Proposal of five experts to be part of the court and brief explanatory report of each of the members proposed (Form 6).
    • If the candidate applies for the concession of the international mention, the accreditation via the certificate issued by the head of the research group in the institutions where it was carried out, having completed a minimum of three months outside of Spain in a higher education institution or a research center of prestige.
      • Declaration signed by de doctoral student stating that the thesis is original, the ethical codes and good practices have been complied with, the thesis does not contain plagiarsm and that the student knows and accepts that the thesis will be subjected to procedures to check its originality. (model – catalan)
      • Declaration signed by the  director of the doctoral thesis stating that the ethical codes and good practices have been complied with and that He/She is not aware that any plagiarism has occurred.(model – catalan)

      Submitting it to the General Registry of the UB, who will send it to the Academic Comission of the Doctoral Program.

  1. After receiving permission to read the thesis, the student has 10 days to submit the following documents to the SED:
    • Proof of payment of the rights for the doctoral dissertation.
  2. At least seven calendar days from the date of holding the defense of the doctoral thesis, the classroom booking has to be made.

Internal procedure:

  • The Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program must resolve this request within 15 days, counting from the day following the date of entry in the General Register of the UB. The agreement of the doctoral committee is notified by electronic means and, if favorable, the academic secretary of the commission communicates the chairman of the doctoral committee of the Faculty, enclosing a copy of the thesis approved, and all the documentation generated.
  • The chairman of the Doctoral Committee of the Faculty has five days to publish the thesis deposit on the website of the faculty. The authorized copy of the thesis remains deposited in the SED, for a period of 7 days, counting from the day following the publication of the resolution on the website. During this period, any doctor can examine the thesis and formulate written allegations.
  • The Faculty Doctoral Committee, within 15 days after the deadline of deposit, must decide whether to authorize or not the defense of the thesis. If the commission authorizes the defense of the thesis, it shall appoint the members of the court and notify the resolution to the doctoral student, the thesis supervisor, and tutor of the thesis, if any.
  • Within the maximum period of 10 working days from the day of receiving authorization for reading the thesis, the student must submit the following documents to the SED:
    • Proof of payment rights doctoral dissertation.
  • After receiving these documents, within 10 days, the Doctoral Committee of the Faculty announces the appointment of tribunal members (and substitutes), attaching a digital copy of the thesis and doctoral curriculum to the tribunal members, and the doctoral student activity document. The proposed members must communicate their acceptance within 10 days, by e-mail.
  • The president of the court, having carried out consultations with the other members of the tribunal, shall convoke the public act of defense of the thesis.
  • With a minimum of seven calendar days before the date of the celebration, the court secretary shall notify in writing the notice of the public act of defense of the doctoral dissertation to the other members of the court, the doctoral candidate, the chairman of the doctoral committee, the director of the thesis, the tutor of the thesis, if there’s any, and the Secretariat of Students and Teaching of the center.
  • The date and place of the reading will be published on the website of the faculty.

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