August Palanques Award

The August Palanques Award is given to the student who completes the bachelor degree in Mathematics with the best academic record.

Professor August Palanques i Mestre (1957-1997) received a master’s degree and a doctorate in Physics from the University of Barcelona and also a master’s degree in Mathematics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He began his teaching work in the former Departament d’Equacions Funcionals, later merged into the Departament de Matemàtica Aplicada i Anàlisi, where he was secretary; he also assumed the secretariat of the Faculty.

His research focused on the application of several fields of functional analysis to some theories of physics.

At his premature death, his family established a fund to award the student of the studies in Mathematics with best record at the end of the first cycle (two courses). The Faculty has continued to award the prize, which, with the evolution of the structure of the studies, has finished with the current format and is granted automatically to the student with the best Mathematics academic record without needing to formally apply to the prize.

Since the academic year 2017-2018, the prize consists of a diploma and 1,000 € (except for legal deductions), which are received at the awards ceremony that is held every fall in the Paranifm of the UB.

Call  2018-2019

Call 2019-2020

Call 2020-2021

Call 2021-2022


Winners of the August Palanques Award

Course Winner
2021-2022 Alejandro García Rivas
Marc Miranda Riaza
2018 – 2019 Jordi Daura Serrano
2017 – 2018 Guillem Garcia Tarrach
2016 – 2017 Joan Bruguera Micó
2015 – 2016 Marc Caelles Vidal
2014 – 2015 Manel Vila Vidal
2013 – 2014 Joan Gimeno Alquézar i
Eduard Roure Perdices
2012 – 2013 Marina Vegué Llorente i
Victoria Gras Andreu
2011 – 2012 Laura Fernàndez Julià
2010 – 2011
2009 – 2010 Carlos Domingo Salazar
2008 – 2009 Daniel Pérez Palau
2007 – 2008 Teresa Català Marquès
2006 – 2007 Eva Marina Pérez Nueno i
Meritxell Saez Cornellana
2005 – 2006 Alberto Cámara López