General Information

The end-of-Degree project (TFG from now on) is a compulsory subject of 18 credits in the new degrees taught in the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science in the University of Barcelona.

Here you will find summarized the regulations for the functioning and some specific features of this subject.

Study Program

TFG legislation

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Previous TFGS

Application process and project assignation

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TFG Coordinator

Xavier Guitart –


Any member of the teaching and research staff (PDI) assigned to any of the faculties of the UB involved in teaching.

The tutor is in charge of directing the student’s TFG.

Upon finishing the report, the tutor will issue a qualitative briefing on the tasks conducted by the student, and they will also specify a numerical mark between 0 and 10. If the tutor considers that the project deserves a distinction, they will have to specifiy it reasonably in the briefing.

In accordance with the teaching plan of the subject, this mark will constitute 30% of the total qualification of the TFG.

This briefing has to passed on to the faculty’s registry and will be attached to the rest of the documentation for the defense of the project.

The report

The format of the report will be: paper size, DIN A-4; cover, according to the model available at the virtual campus of the subject; font size 11p or 12p.

The document must not exceed 50 pages (in the previously described format). However, there can be cases in which, for specific reasons of the subject matter of the thesis (tables, data, graphics, translations of third-party documents, computer programs, etc.), it can come with one or two annexes.

The deposit of the report is done electronically via Virtual Campus, in the deadlines established in the calendar. The report will be presented in PDF format, and the additional material in the appropiate format.

The report has to include an abstract in English (in case the report is not written in this language).

The transfer of rights for the report has to be provided (you will find the corresponding form in the campus) at the faculty’s registry.

The defense

In the Calendar, there is established the defense period of the TFG.

In the Faculty’s web page there will be published the different boards with day and location, as well as the list of students assigned in each of them.

The oral defense has to be public.

The first part will consist in the oral exposition of the TFG by the student, either in Catalan, Spanish, or English.

The presentation will last among 20 and 25 minutes. Afterwards, there will be a round of questions by the members of the board. The total duration of the defense cannot last more than 45 minutes.

Upon finishing the defense act of the TFG, the president of the board will communicate the qualifiaction of the students assigned to his board.

After the TFG defense period has ended, the qualifications of all the students registered in the TFG subject will be published in the virtual campus.

TFG of the double itinerary Mathematics + Physics

The students of the double titulation have to do both the mathematics TFG and the physics TFG. Then, they will have to register them separately following the specific processes for each of them. However, both projects can revolve around the same subject if they contain the different aspects of the same; they can also have the same tutor.

Given the singular characteristics of the double degree, from the TFG comission we highly recommend that, in this case, you pre-arrange the TFG with your future tutors.

Students of the double itinerary Mathematics + Computer Science

The students of this double titulation have to register the TFG of both degrees (mathematics and computer science) and can opt for making one project for one of both titulations. In the case of making one (encompassed in the offerings of one of the two degrees), they will have to do one single defense of it. If they do the one project, the grade they will get will be the same for the two TFG’s registered.

Given the singular characteristics of the double degree, from the TFG comission we highly recommend that, in this case, you pre-arrange the TFG with your future tutors.