Extraordinary Prize

Every academic year there can be granted extraordinary awards for the different official degree teachings that the University of Barcelona offers.

The extraordinary awards are given to all the students that have finished their studies the previous year to the one in which the award is granted and have an average score equal or greater than 9.0, and have paid the titulation issuing rights.

In those teachings where no student has obtained an average score of 9.0 or greater, the center has to propose the awarding to a maximum of one, amongst the five best academic records with an average score of 8.5 or greater and that have paid the titulation issuing rights.

During the month of June, the Council of Government of the University approves of proposal of Prizes of each centre and communicates directly at the interested the date at what does the installment of diplomas

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Normativa per a l’atorgament dels premis extraordinaris dels ensenyaments oficials de Grau de la Universitat de Barcelona (CAT)