Application for the title

Once you have all grades in the record, the secretariat will check if you accomplish the requirements for the obention of the title. Afterwards, you will recieve an e-mail communicating that you are able to ask for it. After getting the message you have to enter MonUB and fill and pay the title’s application.

To apply for the degree it is essential that you are aware of the payment of the registration, without any unpaid receipts, be of this or previous year.

It is very important that you check and modify, if necessary, your personal data for the title is generated from the data you verify.

All the procedure can be done online and you need not go to the secretary’s office until the time to pick up the title.

Those who do not have access to MonUB or that want to apply for the Licensed, Master or Doctor titles, will have to do so presentially at the Secretary’s office of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science and bring the following documentation:

– Original and 2 photocopies of the DNI, NIE or updated passport.

You have to pay a tax of 218.15€ which can be paid with credit card or through a bill which is printed in any CaixaBank, BBVA or Santander office and of which you have to return a sealed copy.

The secretary’s office will hand you a reciept where it will say that your title is in process. It will have the same legal effects than the title will it is not issued.

  • Once the request and payment have been made: If you have authorized the telematic question of the DNI / NIE and the Large Family card, you will receive a notice to print the title certificate in electronic format from your personal space.
  • If you have not authorized the telematic inquiry, you should contact the Secretariat to collect the title certificate and carry the necessary documentation.

Handing of the title 

The Faculty will notify you to pick up the title when it is recieved at the Center. It is important that during this time the Faculty has your address updated. The title will be handed to the interested person or someone else authorized with power of attorney.