Extraordinary awards

Màster en Matemàtica Avançada

Màster en Fonaments de la Ciència de Dades

According to the regulation approved by the Academic Comission for Government Counseling at June the 8th 2011, and by the Government Council at July the 19th 2011, every academic year, for each official master’s studies imparted by the University of Barcelona, there will be granted extraordinary awards.

The students who finish the studies the previous year when the award is granted with an average grade equal or greater than 9.0, worked out according to the current regulation for that year, opt to the award. The total number of extraordinary awards that can be given is of one for every 15 students or fraction of 15 who opt, according to the previously established criteria.

Application 2017-2018

If you fit the requisites, you can hand in the following form at the secretary’s office of the Faculty before January the 18th 2019.

You can find more information in the link below: