General information

What is the End-of-Degree Project (TFG)? It’s a compulsory subject that

  • Consists in the execution of a project, supervised by one (or more) directors, in which all the training contents recieved, the capacities, competences and abilities acquired during the period of the degree are applied and integrated.
  • It is necessary to have passed 180 credits in the degree to be able to enroll in this subject.
  • The TFG has been assigned with 18 ECTS credits in the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. It is not a subject: it is like 3 subjects of 6 ECTS!

In this document are detailed the regulations associated to the TFG: TFG regulations

What does the TFG imply?

The TFG implies

  • Completing a project throughout one semester.
  • Writing a report in which the work done is described.
  • Defending it publicly in front of a tribunal.

The evaluation criteria is described on this link.

The TFG report

The regulation recommends the following characteristics for the report:

  • The format of the report will be: paper size DIN A4; cover, according to the model available at the virtual campus of the subject; font size 11 or 12p.
  • There is not a specific limit for the report. It is recommended that it has around 50 pages (in the previously specified format).

It also suggests that the structure of the report follows these points:

  • Summary/Abstract in English, Catalan and Spanish (between 300 and 1200 words).
  • Introduction and background.
  • Definition of objectives and motivation of the problem.
  • Development.
  • Methodology and results, if necessary.
  • Concordacne of results and objectives, if necessary.
  • Conclusions.
  • Bibliography.
  • Annexes, if necessary.

Either way, talk about it with your tutor to define with precision the structure of your report.

The deposit of the memory is done electronically in the virtual campus in the deadlines established in the calendar. The report will be presented in pdf format, and the additional material in the convenient format.

The transfer of rights of the report has to be delivered at the Secretary of the Faculty.